Monday, November 12, 2007

First Night

Sept 20th 2007

Last night I arrived without a hitch to the Saint Petersburg airport, but was very stubborn getting to the apartment. I spent an hour and a half harassing many people to try to get either a phone card or internet access and a plug. All I got was a plug and nice lady who let me use her phone to call Katya the old friend of my Russian sculpture teacher who I'm staying with. Then refusing to pay $150 dollars for a cab (they think we're all wealthy) I got on the wrong bus with my bags and then refusing to take a $75 dollar cab after the bus I got on the metro during rush hour and walked for another hour from the metro to Katya's place. She was very worried because it took me almost 5 hours to get there from when I called her at the airport. Ah well, I saved money and felt triumphant. I'm tired though. She is very kind. I'm sleeping in her studio which is cold at night but long underwear helps. She cooked lots of yummy chops and mashed potatoes and potato pancakes with jam from berries they picked at their Dacha. Delish.

Today I'm trying to find the reform Synagogue here and to get my phone activated. I bought an electric toothbrush too. I figure I'll try to counteract the pack a day of cigarettes and exhaust I'm breathing. Despite the smell of sulpher in the water and the grey sky, I'm very happy. I feel like I'm finally home.

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